Let’s Talk with Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App

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Let’s Talk with Conversation Starters: A Desire Map App

Who or what do you “think” you should forgive because that might be the evolved thing to do, but you really don’t want to?

Pretty heavy question isn’t it? The moment I read it, I knew that I’d love Danielle LaPorte’s latest project.

Inspired by the soulful conversations that arose from her global Desire Map book clubs, Danielle and her team created Conversation Starters –  a digital app, full of hundreds of Desire Map-inspired questions to encourage meaningful discussions.

I had the honour of being one of the Toronto Bookclub Leaders and can attest to the powerful questions and discussion that were shared during the meetings. Everything from learning how to heal the relationship with our loved ones, reconciling guilt and following our passion; great conversation can ignite parts of a our personality that we rarely allow to be seen and in my experience, often reveals that we have more in common than we think.

As a book club leader I received an early sneak peak of the app, which to my surprise is not only filled with awesome conversation prompts but the Audio Book of the Desire Map! (a definite must listen). Here are a few of my favorite questions:

  • What’s really working well in your life? It’s ticking along, vibrant, easy, soaring.
  • What’s not working in your life? Stuck, pressure, energy drag, difficult?
  • Is there something really good (great!) in your life that you haven’t fully expressed appreciation for? Why are you resisting being grateful?
  • What’s it going to take to make your current dream come true? 

Need a few ideas of how you can use the Conversation Starters app? Here are a few ways that I plan to use mine:

  1. Privately journal your responses to the questions. The forgiveness question at the top of this post inspired a lot of reflection for me. Write and express your feelings without judgment.
  2. Host a conversation party with your closest friends.
  3. Use them as Ice breaker questions when you meet someone new. Instead of asking the typical ‘What you do?’ at events, maybe hit them with this instead “What were the first thoughts you had when you woke up this morning?’

Now if you’re a Desire Map newbie or have no idea what CDF (aka Core Desired Feelings) means don’t worry because you can still enjoy the app. Why? Because:

There are no pre-requisites when it comes to sharing how you feel. (Tweet This!)

The app has a lot of thought provoking questions and the audio files included with it will clear up any CDF confusion or curiosity.

I’m looking forward to future conversation parties with friends and my journal is already getting a workout.

The app is available on September 2 for IOS on the App Store. You can also say hi to the lovely lady who developed the app – Lindsey Collins HERE (hooray for #Girlboss coders).

If you download the app, let me know what you think!

All opinions are my own and I was not compensated or asked to write a review about the Conversations Starters app. I admire Danielle Laporte’s work, LOVE the Desire Map and above all believe that sharing is caring. Enjoy!

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[EVENT] Art Therapy: Self-Care with an Artistic Twist

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[EVENT] Art Therapy: Self-Care with an Artistic Twist

The moment I flip the calendar to August my mind is racing with new goals, I reflect on the experiences that I’ve had this year and I begin thinking about new ways that I want to stretch myself.

August is also the month of my birthday and this year I wanted to do something that would allow me to connect with my awesome community and bring us together to experience wellness in a unique way.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area join me and Award-Winning Visual Design Artist Camille Lauren for Art Therapy – a unique afternoon of art, movement and mantras designed to unleash your creativity and reconnect you to your passions.

Experience self-care in a whole new way through an interactive painting lesson, spoken word performance and meditation session to help bring a dose creativity into your everyday life.

Camille and I have designed a special guided painting exercise for the afternoon and all guests will receive a 16 x 20 canvas for your artistic creations which you can take home to keep!

Now I bet I can guess what you’re thinking. If you think that you need to know how to draw or already be creative to participate the answer is NO.

What if I told you that you already have the seeds of creativity planted within you? Would you believe that? I’ll be honest. For a long time I didn’t. However, over time I realized that we really do have these ‘seeds’ but the problem is that we rarely allow them to fully bloom.

What would life feel like for you if you could express yourself fully? What would you do if you didn’t feel confined to following the rules? Just like our self-love journeys, embracing our creativity energy is one that takes courage. Why? Because it takes guts to breakaway from the mold.

When we allow our creativity to bloom, we allow ourselves to be seen.

If you’re ready to find your creative courage join me on Sunday August 10 at Paintlounge because art therapy is now in session.

Tickets are available at http://arttherapy2014.eventbrite.ca
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Get your Om On: Spread the word about OM T.O 2014

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Get your Om On: Spread the word about OM T.O 2014

Get ready to ‘get your OM on’ when OM T.O offficially welcomes Summer to the city of Toronto on Saturday June 21.

Inspired by NYC’s Mind over Madness event, where thousands gather to practice yoga on June 21 in Times Square, Om T.O. was created to bring people from all walks of life together with Toronto’s best yoga teachers to celebrate strength of body, mind and community.

Last year, 1,000 people practiced their asanas in the sun at the inaugural event and this year event organizers are hoping to double that number and bring yoga to the masses.

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga enthuasist or get your yoga fix by practicing poses that you see on instagram, OM T.O is a great way to experience classes from top Yoga studios all for FREE.

Between 9 am to 5 pm, BYOM (bring your own mat) and choose from eight specially-themed outdoor classes taught by Toronto’s most dynamic and popular instructors from top yoga studios across the city.

To help spread a little good karma, I’ve teamed up with the awesome folks from OM T.O to offer a special contest to win a fun prize pack to help you step up your yoga game in style. Sorry to my International friends, this is for Canadian Residents only.

Here’s how you can participate

OM T.O is on a mission to double participation this year and we can help them reach their goal by spreading the word about the event to Toronto Yoga enthuasists. Spread the word by sharing this post on Facebook, or using the click to tweet below to receive a ballot entry for my OM TO prize pack.

What’s up for grabs?

-  1 B-Yoga mat (valued at $85)

- 5 classes at Spynga, the yoga and cycling studio (valued at $100)

- Kashi cereal and granola bars (valued at $10)

The Contest is open until June 20 at 11:59PM EST. A winner will be randomly selected from the ballots.

Good luck and I hope to see you at #OMTO2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ready to Step up your Game? Ask yourself this first.

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Ready to Step up your Game? Ask yourself this first.

Have you ever read the book Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield?

If I had to describe the book in one sentence I’d say it’s a manifesto for stepping up your game. In other words – If you want to accomplish something that’s meaningful for you, knowing what you want is important but success is far more likely when you pay close attention to your actions and how you’re navigating the mindset battlefield.

Sounds easy in theory, but when you think about your own goals how would you rate yourself? I recently came face to face with this question as I sit in the middle of my own #goingPro mission (yes..I created a hashtag for it)

Recently my friend Liz attended an event by the Institute for Integrative School of Nutrition that featured various thought leaders as speakers. Marie Forleo was one of the presenters and Liz shared a key question from her talk that made me take a closer look at my own practices

“How would you behave if you were best in the world at what you do?”

Pause and take that in for a minute.

It’s one thing to create a hashtag, read a book and SAY that you’re going to do something, but how are you actions truly lining up to your intentions.

If you were to ask yourself what would you do if you were best in the world? What would your responses be? Maybe you would

So what would you do? Share below what your #GoingPro mission would look like. Create your own list of habits and behaviours that will get you closer to your goal.

Remember, no matter what endeavour that you’re pursuing, especially one when you’re trying to ‘go pro” you’re bound to encounter some resistance, self-doubt along the way and I want to help with that.

I just created a new exciting way for us to connect called Happy Thru the Hustle and it’s absolutely FREE. #goingpro can feel a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Click the link below for more details and I look forward to chatting with you soon.


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